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Professor Rob Strachan

Professor of Geology

  1. Data availability statement for 'Crustal reworking and orogenic styles inferred from zircon Hf isotopes: Proterozoic examples from the North Atlantic region'.

    Spencer, C. J. (Creator), Kirkland, C. L. (Creator), Prave, A. R. (Creator), Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Pease, V. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 19 Oct 2018


  2. Supplementary data for 'Evidence for a late Cambrian juvenile arc and a buried suture within the Laurentian Caledonides of Scotland: comparisons with hyperextended Iapetan margins in the Appalachian Mountains (North America) and Norway'.

    Dunk, M. (Creator), Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Cutts, K. A. (Creator), Dr Stephanie Lasalle (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Burns, I. M. (Creator), Whitehouse, M. J. (Creator), Dr Mike Fowler (Creator), Moreira, H. S. (Creator), Mr Joseph Nicholas Dunlop (Creator), Pereira, I. F. G. M. (Creator), Geoscience Publications, 6 Jun 2019


  3. Supporting data for 'Neoproterozoic to early Paleozoic extensional and compressional history of East Laurentian margin sequences: the Moine Supergroup, Scottish Caledonides'.

    Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Cawood, P. A. (Creator), Kinny, P. D. (Creator), Loewy, S. L. (Creator), Merle, R. E. (Creator), Millar, I. (Creator), Dalziel, I. W. D. (Creator), Jourdan, F. (Creator), Nemchin, A. A. (Creator), Connelly, J. N. (Creator), Geological Society of America, 1 Mar 2015


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