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Mr Rory Miles

Innovation Fellow



Embedded within the Centre for Enzyme Innovation (CEI) at University of Portsmouth, and an associate member of the Business Engagement and Commercialisation Team in the University’s Research and Innovation Services Department, I contribute to developing and implementing a strategy to deliver the wider benefits of the CEI. I promote and deliver innovation opportunities by facilitating the transfer of technologies, skills and knowledge to industry and other end-users. I am looking to develop and implement strategies to enhance the capacity and capability for knowledge exchange and innovation within the CEI.


I studied Biomedical Science at University of Surrey, graduating in 2013, where I gained considerable experience supporting excellent patient care in NHS Pathology Laboratories. After graduation, I moved to Public Health England, focusing on developing novel diagnostics and implementing genomic technologies for the research of rare and imported pathogens, notably for Ebola virus and Zika virus during their respective outbreaks. In 2015, I deployed with Save the Children International to support the effective functioning of a clinical diagnostic laboratory at an Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone and was awarded a Civilian Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa for my efforts. Following this, a secondment to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine led my research to focus on developing cutting-edge environmental detection solutions for Salmonella Typhi, for use in an epidemiological study in urban Malawi.

In 2017, an increasing interest in increasing the impact of science research led me to focus on the project management of clinical diagnostics and microbiology projects at Dstl Porton Down. Following, this I transitioned to work as a Staff Officer to the Division Head of the Cyber and Information Systems Division at Dstl. In this role, I aimed to increase the exploitation of cutting-edge technology to enable digital transformation, through enabling the leadership of the Division Head. My responsibilities involved supporting customer engagement, strategy, communications/marketing, inter-business relationships and international collaboration.

Continuing with my interest in the enterprise and innovation space, in April 2020, I started in the Innovation Fellow role at the Centre for Enzyme Innovation, aiming to ensure the exploitation of innovative recycling solutions for our most commonly polluting plastics.

ID: 20745122