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Dr Sarinova Simandjuntak

Senior Lecturer

Sarinova Simandjuntak


I graduated and gained a PhD from Imperial College London. My areas of expertise include structural integrity, defect and life assessment, root cause failure analysis, fitness-for-Service and Risk-Based Engineering.

Some of the industrial projects/development work that I was involved in prior to my appointment at the University of Portsmouth are: software development of Risk Based Management (RBM) and defect assessment, development of lifing procedure for high temperature power plant life assessment, electronic atlas of ageing power plant microstructures, failure analysis tool, and cyclic capability study for HRSG, CCGT and Co-Generation plants.

My current research is on life assessment and the monitoring of external and internal oxidation of high temperature tubing. Recently, I received a TSB, KTP award to study an integrated design approach to develop an FE based capability tool for polymer-composite.

Research Interests

  • A TSB short KTP award, on the study of an integrated design approach to develop an FE based capability tool for polymer-composite. This study utilises information from the micro scale (i.e. at the fibre and matrix level) for the prediction of the structural response at the macro scale (i.e. of the whole pipe). In order to do so, mathematical models describing the pipe behaviour at the micro, meso and macro scales are developed and linked together. Experiments in all three length scales are performed in order to reveal the failure mechanisms associated with different loading conditions and to validate the proposed method. This is a collaboration between University of Portsmouth, School of Engineering with Magma Global Ltd, Portsmouth PO6 3EZ. The project started in February 2013.
  • First academic supervisor on KTP programme, with Magma Structure Ltd on developing a capability to diversify the company’s world class expertise in large composite marine systems into other sectors such as oil and gas, construction and defence. Start date: January 2016.
  • First supervisor to 2 PhD students, started date: February 2016 (one of which is funded through Faculty of Technology Bursary). The titles of the research are: Statistical modelling for damage tolerance in multi-materials; and the Risk Based Approach for waste management.

ID: 18114