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Miss Shakiba Oftadeh Moghadam

Research Associate

Shakiba Oftadeh Moghadam


I’m a PhD research student in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science, Faculty of Science and Health. My research is investigating the mental health literacy of elite rugby players who identify as women. I joined the University of Portsmouth as an undergraduate student in 2012, where I completed my degree in BSc Psychology. Thereafter, I was accepted on the MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology course in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science. Once I finished and graduated from the MSc course, I was offered a part-time lecturing post within the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science, whereby I was responsible for delivering various lectures and seminars on the undergraduate BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology course and BSc Sports Science course. During this phase I also had the opportunity to teach on the Sport and Exercise Psychology postgraduate course. I was also offered a research assistant post working on a worldwide project investigating physical activity messaging in schizophrenic service users.

In 2017 I applied for a PhD within the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science and was accepted onto my current PhD, which I aim to complete by 2021. 

I’m also one of the co-founders of a training facility in Southampton called Move Training Centre. We aim to remove the stigma that comes with training at a gym and instead offer a training centre that is enjoyable and non-judgemental. In 2017 we were recognised as an official NHS referral centre. 

Research Interests

I'm interested in research that has a direct and positive impact on today's sporting society, particularly for female athletes. My research is primarily on female athletes who train and compete in male dominated sports (e.g., female rugby players, female boxers) and mental health and mental health literacy in sport. 


My currently research interests include:

  • Mental health literacy in sport
  • Mental health in sport and physical activity 
  • Mental health of elite female rugby players
  • Mental health of female amateur boxers
  • Boxing 
  • Combat sports 
  • Qualitative research methods


I’m currently studying for my PhD in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science. Alongside my studies I also work in the Psychology department at the University of Portsmouth as an exam and coursework marker and deliver various seminars and lectures on the BSc Psychology course.

During my time as a postgraduate student I have presented at numerous renowned conferences across the country, reviewed academic books in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Psychology, became 2019’s University of Portsmouth’s 3 Minute Thesis finalist, became an active member of the British Psychological Society and enrolled on the British Psychological Society’s Wessex Branch committee as a student representative. I’ve been nominated for the British Psychology Society’s Undergraduate Qualitative Research Project Award and the British Psychological Society, Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Master’s award throughout my time at the University of Portsmouth. Moreover, I have published several articles in the Psychologist (links can be found below).

ID: 17635101