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Shengbo Wang

  1. Data availability statement for 'A gravitational-wave measurement of the Hubble constant following the second observing run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo'.

    Collaboration, T. L. S. (Creator), Collaborations, V. (Creator), Abbott, B. P. (Creator), Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Keitel, D. (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Ronaldas Macas (Creator), Connor Mcisaac (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Shengbo Wang (Creator), Dr Andrew Robert Williamson (Creator) & Zhao, G. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 19 Mar 2021


  2. Data availability statement for 'Cosmological inference from galaxy-clustering power spectrum: Gaussianization and covariance decomposition'.

    Shengbo Wang (Creator), Percival, W. (Creator), Avila Perez, S. (Creator), Professor Robert Crittenden (Creator) & Bianchi, D. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Jun 2019


  3. Data availability statement for 'Hybrid-basis inference for large-scale galaxy clustering: combining spherical and Cartesian Fourier analyses'.

    Shengbo Wang (Creator), Avila Perez, S. (Creator), Bianchi, D. (Creator), Professor Robert Crittenden (Creator) & Percival, W. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 8 Oct 2020


ID: 8633238