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Dr Susanne Dietrich

Senior Lecturer



In 2011, Susanne took up a new post with the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Portsmouth. In her research, she is focusing on the molecular networks that control the simultaneous production of differentiating muscle cells and muscle stem cells. She has established novel collaborations to accompany the work on the mouse and chicken model with work on zebrafish and Xenopus, aimed at identifying the basic, vertebrate specific regulatory mechanisms for muscle and muscle stem cell formation. Moreover, she has established collaborations to join “wet” laboratory work with “dry” bioinformatics. Furthermore, Susanne has established collaborations to investigate the assembly of functional organs, including the innervation of muscle and the contribution of multi-potent precursors to either head skeletal muscle or heart. All of these collaborations have led to or are being prepared for publications.

Susanne’s findings made a significant contribution to the field of developmental biology and are well represented in text books such as the renowned Gilbert’s “Developmental Biology”; she is also regularly invited for seminars.

For more information about my research please visit my lab page

Research Interests

Tissue interactions and molecular networks that control:

  • how a multi-potent mesodermal precursor cell commits to a particular cell fate
  • when a cell may differentiate
  • how the balance between cell differentiation and maintenance of a precursor/stem cell pool is achieved
  • how this cell recognises and reaches its target sites
  • how cells from different sources and tissues assemble into a functional organ

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