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Dr Thomas Tram


Thomas Tram


I got my PhD from Aarhus University in 2012 and did my first postdoc at the EPFL in Switzerland before joining the ICG in 2014. I am interested in a broad range of subjects ranging from the production of sterile neutrinos in the early Universe to CMB physics and cosmological constraints on decaying Dark matter.

Research in cosmology today requires numerical tools, and part of my time has been spent on developing those. I am the main author of the code LASAGNA which solves the Quantum Kinetic Equations relevant for sterile neutrino production, and I am a co-author of the Boltzmann code CLASS ( which among other things compute the theoretical expectation for the CMB power spectra as well as the linear matter power spectrum. Recently I have started working on a few projects involving the second-order CMB code SONG as well.

ID: 1736206