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Professor Tony Chafer

Professor of French and African Studies

  1. Danielle Hayter First/Lead supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    “Il y a la France; il y a l'Afrique. Le temps de la Françafrique est… réincarné”? Exploring the drivers and character of French Security Policy in West Africa since 2012.

    17/10/18 → …

  2. Sorina Toltica Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Assessing the character of US/UK Security Interventions in West Africa

    12/12/18 → …

  3. Abdoul Dieng Third supervisor

    School of Languages & Applied Linguistics

    Translanguaging and the evolution of urban Wolof outside Senegal: a case study of Wolophones living in the United Kingdom

    23/10/18 → …

  4. Megan Ison First/Lead supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    3/08/20 → …

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