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Dr Vincenzo Tamma

Reader in Physics

  1. Supplemental Material for 'Distributed quantum metrology with a single squeezed-vacuum source'.

    Dario Gatto (Creator), Facchi, P. (Creator), Narducci, F. A. (Creator) & Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 22 Oct 2019


  2. Supplemental material for 'Experimental time-resolved interference with multiple photons of different colors'.

    Wang, X. (Creator), Jing, B. (Creator), Sun, P. (Creator), Yang, C. (Creator), Yu, Y. (Creator), Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), Bao, X. (Creator) & Pan, J. (Creator), American Physical Society, 22 Aug 2018


  3. Supplemental material for 'Hectometer revivals of quantum interference'.

    Rambach, M. (Creator), Lau, W. ‚ÄČ. S. (Creator), Laibacher, S. (Creator), Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), White, A. G. (Creator) & Weinhold, T. J. (Creator), American Physical Society, 30 Aug 2018


  4. Supplementary Material for 'Interference of temporally distinguishable photons using frequency-resolved detection'.

    Orre, V. V. (Creator), Goldschmidt, E. A. (Creator), Deshpande, A. (Creator), Gorshkov, A. V. (Creator), Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), Hafezi, M. (Creator) & Mittal, S. (Creator), American Physical Society, 22 Aug 2019


ID: 4636693