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Dr Wendy Powell

Reader in Virtual Reality

Wendy Powell


I worked as a professional chiropractor before gaining my BSc in Computing, and joined the University in 2005, where I was awarded a PhD in Creative Technologies in 2012, investigating the ways in which Virtual Environments modulate the action and perception of walking.

My main research interest is in how VR hardware and software mediate the interactive experience,  and how this information can be used to enhance the health and rehabilitation potential of Virtual Reality Systems. I am also involved in a number of projects using Virtual Reality and games technology for health and well-being.

I review for a number of journals and conferences, and I am a member of the AHRC peer review college.  I am also a senior member of the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Research Interests

  • Physical interaction with virtual reality, with a focus on the differences between movement in VR and movement in the real world.
  • Virtual Reality for rehabilitation, healthcare and ageing.
  • Translating fundamental knowldege of VR systems and interactions to applications in other domains

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