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Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten

Associate Head (Research), Reader in Childhood Studies

  1. Craig Gibbs Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    An Evaluation of a Blended E-Learning to Develop Teachers' self-efficacy, pedagogic and content knowledge in Mathematics in Rural Schools in South Africa

    6/10/17 → …

  2. Roy Hanney First/Lead supervisor

    School of Education & Sociology

    29/10/14 → …

  3. Patricia Gilbert First/Lead supervisor

    School of Education & Sociology

    An investigation into the contribution of personal tutoring to successful outcomes for BME students and students from lower socio economic ***

    21/11/18 → …

  4. Jeremy Davey Third supervisor

    School of Area Studies, History, Politics & Literature

    'A Higher Class of Men': Sailors and Working-Class Communities in Bristol 1850-1914

    28/11/18 → …

ID: 18272