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Dr Zaynah Maherally

Research Fellow

  1. Modulating pericytes behaviour in the blood brain barrier by varying the vascular micro-environment O2 level

    Dr Zaynah Maherally & Professor Geoff Pilkington

    Animal Free Research UK: £1,940.00


    Award date: 6/07/18

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: StudentshipAward

  2. Application of a 3D "all human" blood-brain barrier model in evaluating nanoparticle-facilitated drug delivery system

    Professor Geoff Pilkington, Dr Qian An, Barbu, E. & Dr Zaynah Maherally

    Dr Hadwen Trust: £151,877.00


    Award date: 25/07/12

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

ID: 19043