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Appointed as a member of the League of Mercy for outstanding service to the sick, injured and disabled and young people

Prize: Appointment

The League of Mercy was founded on 30th of March 1899 by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria. It was instigated by the Prince of Wales who became its first Grand President. Subsequently two further Princes of Wales (George V and Edward VIII) succeeded him in this office; finally HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester took over.

The object of the League was to establish a large body of voluntary workers who would assist with the maintenance of voluntary hospitals and 'otherwise relieve sickness and suffering'.

Central to the annual activities of the League was a notable ceremony at which about fifty people each received a medal known as the Order of Mercy. These were bestowed 'as a reward for personal services gratuitously rendered in connection with the purposes for which the League was established'.

The League of Mercy Foundation especially encourages and recognises voluntary work in these areas of care:

the sick, injured and disabled
young people who are at risk
the homeless
the elderly
the dying
those who are impaired in mind

The League asks charitable organizations to nominate, on a special Honouring Volunteers form, individuals who have given seven or more years of outstanding service , unpaid except for expenses. Up to fifty people will be chosen annually .
Awarded date10 May 2018
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsLeague Of Mercy

ID: 10573419