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Physical and Chemical properties of Butser Hill Chalk

Project: Innovation


To support the development and conversion of Butser hill chalk quarry into an inert landfill.

Layman's description

The Geology of southern England is known to be associated with a range of chalk, one of the best known of rocks, and a natural resource. Chalk has been exploited by humans for thousands of years for its physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Lately, chalk has been used for a number of large construction projects, such as the development of Portsmouth’s M275 motorway. In the literature, there is strong evidence that chalk can be utilised as a sound building and construction material. Therefore, this project is focused on identifying a variety of options for chalk based products.
Effective start/end date1/04/18 → 1/10/18

Collaborative partners

  • T J Waste and Recycling Ltd

ID: 10791726