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  1. SERC CASE Project - Sensory based robotics and automatic robot path planning with constraints

    John Billingsley & Dr David Sanders


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  2. EPSRC Project concerning the application of model based quality control in volume manufacturing

    John Billingsley & Dr David Sanders


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  3. University project to investigate the teaching and management of engineering

    Dr David Sanders, David Robinson, Dr Giles Tewkesbury, David Harrison & Ebrahim Mazharsolook


    Project: InnovationI: Miscellaneous

  4. Ways of modelling engineering processes (First research Project)

    Dr David Sanders, Ebrahim Mazharsolook, Mark Jaques, Dr Giles Tewkesbury, David Harrison, John Billingsley, Jim Hollis, Adam Hudson & Paul Strickland


    Project: ResearchI: Miscellaneous

  5. Using neural networks and fuzzy logic for control

    Dr David Sanders, Barry P. Haynes, Ian Stott & Dr Giles Tewkesbury


    Project: Research

  6. Teaching Company Scheme to develop an expert system

    Jan Stuart & Dr David Sanders


    Project: InnovationI: Collaborative Programmes

  7. EPSRC Project concerning investigating new techniques & methodologies in the control of advanced production machinery

    Dr David Sanders, David Harrison & Jim Hollis


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  8. EPSRC Project concerning liaison for new technology for high quality printing

    Dr David Sanders


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  9. Robots for hazardous environments

    Dr David Sanders & Arther Collie


    Project: InnovationI: Miscellaneous

  10. EPSRC Project concerning QA design and AI for QA

    David Harrison, Dr David Sanders & John Billingsley


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  11. European ESPRIT III Project - A Knowledge-Based Approach to Quality Control to Provide a Unified Quality Environment

    David Charles Robinson, Jan Stuart, Ebrahim Mazharsolook & Dr David Sanders


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  12. Virtual and Task orientated programming and Total Quality manufacture

    Dr Giles Tewkesbury, Dr David Sanders, John Billingsley, Paul Strickland, Jim Hollis & Ian Stott


    Project: Research

  13. European Teleman project: Teleoperated vehicle system for remote inspection in hazardous environments - Sensor integration, fault tolerance and control systems for inspection.

    Arther Collie, Bing Lam Luk, David Cooke, Gurvinder Virk, Tim White, Dr David Sanders, Neal Hewer, Sheng Chen, John Billingsley, Stephen D. Urwin-Wright & Neal Bevan


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  14. EPSRC Project concerning liaison meetings for European submissions

    Dr David Sanders & David Harrison


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  15. Ways of modelling engineering processes (Second research Project)

    Dr David Sanders & Zainab Rasol


    Project: ResearchI: Miscellaneous

  16. KTP for the design and manufacture of rehabilitation and mobility equipment.

    Dr David Sanders, Dr Giles Tewkesbury, RW Bullock & Barnaby Perks


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  17. EPSRC TCD Project concerning design and manufacture for rehabilitation and mobility

    Dr David Sanders, Tony Poland & Howard Cawte


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

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