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  1. Development of flexible stress-free thin films using KJL magnetron plasma sputtering

    Dr Melvin Vopson, Dr John C Naylor & Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi


    Project: InnovationR: Studentship, R: Research

  2. Perspectives Around Syria: Moralities in Conflict

    Dr Peter Lee, Dr Tom Smith, Dr Sameera Khalfey & Vladimir Rauta

    BAE Systems Ltd


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  3. Innovation in Small Area Estimation Methodologies

    Professor Liz Twigg

    Economic and Social Research Council


    Project: OtherR: Research

  4. Role of Wnt in the decline of oligodendrocyte generation in the ageing brain

    Professor Arthur Butt

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  5. Women, Work and Violence

    Professor Tamsin Bradley & Dr Zara Ramsay


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  6. The annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey (HM Government) (2015-2019)

    Dr Victoria Wang & Professor Mark Button


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

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