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Teaching Company Scheme to develop an expert system

Project: Innovation


Teaching Company Scheme with Northern Telecom and Nuclear Electric to develop an expert system to assist in improving the design and manufacture of fibre-optic submarine cables.

Aa part of the project, Mark Jaques completed his PhD in 1994 after studying design by manufacturing simulation. The PhD was initially directed by J Billingsley and then later by DJ Harrison when J Billingsley left for Australia. D Sanders was added as a supervisor for final year of the PhD.

Key findings

Created an expert system
Short titleTCS to develop an expert system
Effective start/end date1/05/9030/04/92

Collaborative partners

  • University of Portsmouth (lead)
  • Northern Telecom
  • EDF Energy
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Department of Trade and Industry

ID: 9567620