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The Portsmouth Interactive Literary Map

Project: Innovation


This interactive online map is a civic engagement and scholarly project that provides rich and detailed information and links introducing users to Portsmouth's rich literary heritage and contemporary literary scene.

Usable on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, this sophisticated and advanced map platform allows users to explore the Portsmouth roots and connections of historical and living authors; provides a host of information and quotations from literary works connected to specific locations in and around the city; and offers many notable quotations about the city. Key writers include Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Olivia Manning, Simon Armitage, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Meades, Michelle Magorian, and Maggie Sawkins.

The map reflects the research interests and expertise of UoP scholars in English Literature, History, and Creative Writing, and is also the result of extensive liaison with interested local organisations and individuals. It is envisaged for use as part of outreach activities, recruitment activities, and other events, and work is already underway to embed this resource within UoP open days and online provision. The map is in a constant state of expansion and will in time move further beyond the boundaries of the city and into literary Hampshire.

Key findings

1. The project underlines the city's unusually rich literary heritage and the strength of its current literary scene.
2. The project underlines the opportunities a project of this nature offers to contribute to UoP's civic engagement commitments and activities.
3. The project underlines the opportunities that canny use of Digital Humanities offers to UoP in terms of recruitment and outreach.
4. The project underlines the valuable role that Digital Humanities can play within an already vibrant subject area such as English Literature.
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