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Características de los recuerdos autobiográficos sobre sucesos traumáticos = Characteristics of autobiographical memories of traumatic events

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This study compared 120 autobiographical narratives of trauma within subjects (with a negative valence) and happy (positive valence), through a self-assessment questionnaire characteristics of memories drawn from MCQ questionnaire proposed by Johnson et al . (1988) and TMQQ Meiser-Stedman proposed by et al. (2007). The overall results show that memories of traumatic events compared with happy events are characterized by less sensory information, be more complex, more difficult to date, with more intense feelings associated with a better memory of thoughts associated at the time of his occurrence, more difficult to verbalize and most recurrent thoughts about what happened. By contrast, we found no significant differences in spatial location of the event, vividness, definition, accessibility, fragmentation, prospects for recovery, doubts about its occurrence, or tendency to talk about what happened. Thus, the memories of traumatic events do not seem so different from other reports on autobiographical, but we can not confirm the existence of repressed memories and then recovered.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7-17
Number of pages11
JournalBoletín de Psicología
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007

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