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Effect of tool coating and cutting parameters on surface roughness and burr formation during micromilling of Inconel 718

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Surface roughness and burr formation are among the most important surface quality metrics which determine the quality of the fabricated parts. High precision machined microparts with complex features require micromachining process to achieve the desired yet stringent surface finish and dimensional accuracy. In this research, the effect of cutting speed (m/min), feed rate (µm/tooth), depth of cut (µm) and three types of tool coating (AlTiN, nACo and TiSiN) were analyzed to study their effect on surface roughness and burr formation during the micromachining of Inconel 718. The analysis was carried out using an optical profilometer, scanning electron microscope and statistical technique. Machining tests were performed at low speed with a feed rate (µm/tooth) below the cutting-edge radius for 10 mm cutting length using a carbide tool of 0.5 mm diameter on a CNC milling machine. From this research, it was determined that the depth of cut was the main factor affecting burr formation, while cutting velocity was the main factor affecting the surface roughness. In addition, cutting tool coating did not significantly affect either surface roughness or burr formation due to the difference in coefficient of friction. The types of burr formed during micromilling of Inconel 718 were mainly influenced by the depth of cut and feed rate (µm/tooth) and were not affected by the cutting velocity. It was also concluded that the results for the surface finish at low-speed machining are comparable to that of transition and high-speed machining, while the burr width found during confirmation experiments at low-speed machining was also within an acceptable range.
Original languageEnglish
Article number167
Number of pages18
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 18 Jan 2021


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