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  1. 2021
  2. Published

    Challenges with opening up closed off communities: interviewing ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel

    Dr Veronika Poniscjakova, 2021, Field Guide for Research in Community Settings: Tools, Methods, Challenges and Strategies. Islam, R., Khan, N. A., Abu Bakar Ah, S. H., Abd Wahab, H. & Hamidi, M. B. (eds.). Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 25-33 9 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

  3. Accepted for publication

    EAP teachers working in, with and through the creative arts: an exploration

    Clare Carr, Clare Maxwell, Anna Rolinska & Miss Jennifer Sizer, 12 Aug 2021, Pedagogies in English for Academic Purposes: Teaching and Learning in International Contexts. Macdiarmid, C. & MacDonald, J. (eds.). 1st ed. Bloomsbury Publishing Company, ( New Perspectives for English for Academic Purposes).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

  4. Accepted for publication

    International Investment and Competition Law in AND with the Global South

    Professor Leila Delphine Choukroune (ed.) & Anu Monga (ed.), 2021, (Accepted for publication) In: Transnational Dispute Management.

    Research output: Contribution to journalSpecial issuepeer-review

  5. Accepted for publication

    Letter to the Editor

    Dr Emma Claire Neupert, 2021, (Accepted for publication) The Sport and Exercise Scientist.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationLetter

  6. Accepted for publication

    RAP’s significance to the formation of the British Abolitionist movement

    Mr Marc Jacobs, 2021, (Accepted for publication) Contesting Carceral Logic: Towards Abolitionist Futures. Coyle, M. J. & Nagel, M. (eds.). Routledge

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

  7. Published

    The language of violence against women

    Dr Alessia Tranchese, 2021, University of Portsmouth.

    Research output: Other contribution

  8. Accepted for publication

    ‘More than just saving the government care costs’: re-presenting student carers’ narratives in the United Kingdom

    Dr Jacqueline Priego-Hernandez & Debbie Holley, 24 Jun 2021, Marginalised Communities in Higher Education: Disadvantage, Mobility and Indigeneity. Harrison, N. & Atherton, G. (eds.). 1st ed. Routledge, p. 48 - 63 16 p. (Research into Higher Education).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

  9. Published

    Addressing the mental health crisis

    Professor Jane Creaton, Jan 2021, In: Nature Reviews Cancer. 21, p. 1-2

    Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debatepeer-review

  10. Published

    Allies in Air Power: A History of Multinational Air Operations

    Dr Steven Paget (ed.), Jan 2021, University Press of Kentucky. (Aviation & Air Power)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  11. Published

    Shape grammar, culture, and generation of vernacular houses (a practice on the villages adjacent to rice fields of Mazandaran, in the north of Iran)

    Majid Yousefniapasha, Ms Catherine Teeling, John Rollo & Dick Bunt, Jan 2021, In: Environment and Planning B. 48, 1, p. 94 114 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  12. Published

    Experimental Physiology special issue: Extreme environmental physiology

    Professor Mike Tipton, 1 Jan 2021, In: Experimental Physiology. 106, 1, p. 1-3

    Research output: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review

  13. Published

    A global perspective on the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on freshwater fish biodiversity

    Steven J. Cooke, William M. Twardek, Abigail J. Lynch, Ian G. Cowx, Julian D. Olden, Simon Funge-smith, Kai Lorenzen, Robert Arlinghaus, Yushun Chen, Olaf L. F. Weyl & 11 others, Elizabeth A. Nyboer, Paulo S. Pompeu, Stephanie M. Carlson, John D. Koehn, Adrian C. Pinder, Rajeev P. Raghavan, Sui Phang, Aaron A. Koning, William W. Taylor, Devin Bartley & J. Robert Britton, 1 Jan 2021, In: Biological Conservation. 253, 12 p., 108932.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  14. Published

    A network physiology approach to oxygen saturation variability during normobaric hypoxia

    Yuji Jiang, Dr Joseph Costello, Mr Thomas Benjamin Williams, Nawamin Panyapiean, Amar S. Bhogal, Professor Mike Tipton, Dr Jo Corbett & Ali R. Mani, 1 Jan 2021, In: Experimental Physiology. 106, p. 151-159 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  15. Published
  16. Published

    A novel self-assembling peptide for hemostasis during endoscopic submucosal dissection: a randomized controlled trial

    Sharmila Subramaniam, Kesavan Kandiah, Fergus Chedgy, Carole Fogg, Sreedhari Thayalasekaran, Asma Alkandari, Michelle Baker-Moffatt, Joanne Dash, Mark Lyons-Amos, Gaius Longcroft-Wheaton & 2 others, Dr James Brown & Pradeep Bhandari, 1 Jan 2021, In: Endoscopy. 53, 1, p. 27-35 9 p., 0.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  17. Published

    Combining verbal veracity assessment techniques to distinguish truth tellers from lie tellers

    Professor Aldert Vrij, Dr Sam Mann, Dr Sharon Leal & Ronald P. Fisher, 1 Jan 2021, In: The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context. 13, 1, p. 9-19 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  18. Published

    Contact tracing: a memory task with consequences for public health

    Maryanne Garry, Professor Lorraine Hope, Rachel Zajac, Ayesha J. Verrall & Jamie M. Robertson, 1 Jan 2021, In: Perspectives on Psychological Science. 16, 1, p. 175-187 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  19. Published

    Crop wild phylorelatives (CWPs): phylogenetic distance, cytogenetic compatibility and breeding system data enable estimation of crop wild relative gene pool classification

    Juan Viruel, Michael Kantar, Roberta Gargiulo, Peri Hesketh-Prichard, Nathan Leong, Christopher Cockel, Felix Forest, Barbara Gravandeel, Rocio Perez-Barrales, Ilia Leitch & 1 others, Paul Wilkin, 1 Jan 2021, In: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. 195, 1, p. 1-33 33 p., boaa064.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLiterature reviewpeer-review

  20. Published

    Defining and characterizing organizational resilience in elite sport

    Kirsten J. Fasey, Mustafa Sarkar, Dr Chris Wagstaff & Julie Johnston, 1 Jan 2021, In: Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 52, 12 p., 101834.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  21. Published

    Detecting the effects of chronic metal exposure on benthic systems: importance of biomarker and endpoint selection

    Dr Gordon Watson, Jennifer M. Pini, Jonathan Richir & Dr Laura Michie, 1 Jan 2021, In: Aquatic Toxicology. 230, 11 p., 105674.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review